Privacy Policy

What information do we collect, and why?

We collect a variety of information to help us provide our services. We do not provide this information to third parties except as described below.

In general, we only share information about you with the relevant tranport agency to allow us to claim a subsidy on your behalf.

Name and Email address

When you log into SwiftFare, we store the name and email address that you use to sign up. This is used to identify you within SwiftFare. We will also use it to send you transactional emails relating to trips you've taken. We may also use it to send you important product updates.

Your name may also be sent to the relevant transport agency when you take subsidised trips.

You may also enter your email address into our website to request to be part of a trial or to receive product updates. In these cases, your email address will be stored by a third party mail provider so we can contact you only for the described purpose.

We will not provide your email address to any other parties except as described above.

Information relating to subsidy entitlements

We may collect a variety of information when you register a subsidy entitlement. The information we collect depends on the agency managing your subsidy, but examples include agency account number, and date of birth. These details are sent to the relevant agency to confirm your entitlement, and are not stored by us any longer than required to confirm your entitlement.

When we confirm your entitlement, the relevant government agency will provide us with an identifier. The exact form varies depending on the relevant agency. In NSW for example, it will be your Client Identifier. We will store this identifier and send it back to the agency on a regular basis to reconfirm your entitlement and to keep the details of your entitlement up to date.

Other data you enter

When you enter other information into SwiftFare, we may store this information and use it for the purpose described where you enter it.

For example, we may store a phone numbers you enter for the purpose of sending transactional SMSs.

Location and trip details

When you take a trip with SwiftFare, we record the details of that trip including the time of the trip, the fare, and the specific path that was followed. We may also record information from your phone including accelerometer and magnetometer readings to help verify GPS readings.

These details are stored in our secure database. Trip details will be sent to the relevant government agency when a subsidy is claimed.

We will also share location and trip details available to the relevant participants in the trip. For example, location details captures by a driver's phone will be provided to a passenger.

We may share location readings with other trip participants from any time when a vehicle is considered on approach to pick up a passenger through until the end of the trip.

IP address

Whenever the app communicates with our servers, your IP address and some details of the request will be logged and accessible to SwiftFare employees

Do we share your data with third parties?

The mapping and place search features of SwiftFare are supplied by Google under their own privacy policy.

We will never share your email address, identifiable data or individual location data with any third party, except as described above or required by law.

How do we protect your data?

All communications between your device and our servers are transmitted securely using industry standard SSL encryption.

All data is stored within secure databases physically located in data centres within Australia.

Can you access information we hold about you?

You have access to information we hold about you from our web console. Users can request that we remove information we hold associated with their email address by sending an email to

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