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SwiftFare's was founded in 2017 with a mission to simplify access to taxi travel for people with disabilities.

Many taxi subsidy schemes around the world still require that participants carry a docket book around with them. These dockets make what should be a simple transaction far too complicated.

Even in places where identity cards are used instead of docket books, it's still too cumbersome for many people, and susceptible to fraud.

SwiftFare simplifies subsidy schemes by allowing passengers to authorise fares right from their phone with a single tap. SwiftFare also simplifies payment, allowing participants to easily pay their part of the fare without even taking out their wallet.

In June 2017, SwiftFare was selected by NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation to help improve transport outcomes for people with disabilities in NSW. With funding and incubation from DFSI, SwiftFare is currently running a trial of our technology in NSW and has plans to trial the technology in other states from late 2017.

Please send press enquiries to info@swiftfare.com.

Key people

SwiftFare was founded by Martin Smyrk and Allan Richards.

Martin Smyrk has worked for a number of R&D organisations, including Atlassian. Martin has designed and built a number of mission critical systems with a focus on high availability and high reliability systems.

Allan Richards’ experience is predominantly in the financial sector. His experience includes working on trade execution at Macquarie Bank, and payment processing at Clear2Pay.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work from the customers point of view?

Passengers can set up their regular or one-off bookings within the app. Once set up, all they have to do is hit "Approve" when the fare notification comes up at the end of the trip.

How does it work from the drivers point of view?

The driver opens the SwiftFare app at the start of the trip and taps "Start Trip". At the end of the trip, they enter the fare. SwiftFare will tell them if any amount is outstanding once the passenger has approved the fare. SwiftFare will deposit the subsidy and any other relevant payments right into the driver's nominated account.

What happens if a passenger doesn't have a supported smart phone?

SwiftFare offers the option of using either SMS or an automated phone call at the end of your trip. You can approve the fare by giving the driver a code provided by SMS, or by answering 'yes' to our automated call.


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