Sick of handling paper dockets?

Taxi subsidy dockets are causing your customers with disabilities unnecessary hassle.

SwiftFare can help you build a more sustainable business by making it easier for your customers to book with you, while reducing your paperwork.

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Incubated and funded by the NSW Government’s Innovation Launch Program.

Handling subsidised fares couldn't be simpler!

Bookings from your regulars come in through the SwiftFare app

You type in the metered fare at the end of the journey.

We'll deposit the subsidy into your account on the same day.

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About subsidised taxi travel

In NSW and other states in Australia, people with disabilities who are otherwise unable to use public transport are provided with subsidised taxi travel.

The scheme providing this subsidy in NSW is called TTSS, or Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme.

While details have changed over the decades one frustrating element has remained: the paper docket.

With support from Department of Finance, Services and Innovation, Swiftfare is working to bring taxi subsidies into the 21st century, by replacing these antiquated dockets with a digital solution.

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