Vehicle Management

An easy to use dashboard allows you to manage the vehicles in your fleet.

This is backed by a flexible rules engine that allows you to make sure your vehicles are always up to date.

The vehicle management system is also supported by a driver app. This includes pre and post trip checks, route management, and navigation.

Driver & Passenger Apps

SwiftFare Fleet has flexible driver and passenger apps. These apps are configurable, based on what your business needs.

Some of the features supported by the driver app are:

  • Route Selection

  • Route Navigation

  • Pre / Post trip checks

  • Point of Sale

  • Bookings


We collect detailed analytics that are exposed through our portal. Additionally we can provided custom aggregated reports as needed.

This includes:

  • Assets that breached a rule, including what the breach was, when it happened, and how long it took to rectify.

  • Trip information, including detailed GPS traces, when passengers were picked up / dropped off, and on-time running status.